Jackie O is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her brother, who's coming home for Thanksgiving, but isn't expecting him to bring a friend. She's even more shocked to learn that this friend is his fiance. It soon becomes clear that the obsession she has with Jackie Kennedy is nothing compared to her obsession with her brother. And it also becomes clear she isn't the only member of the family with problems.


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Directed by: Mark S. Waters
Written by: Wendy MacLeod (play), Mark S. Waters (adapted for the screen)
Starring: Parker Posey, Josh Hamilton, Tori Spelling, Freddie Prinze Jr., Genevieve Bujold, Rachael Leigh Cook, David Love
Parker's Character: "Jackie O" Pascal


Release Date: October 10, 1997
Distributor: Miramax
Box Office Total: $626,057 (US)
Opening Weekend: $63,266 (4 theatres)
Widest Release: 54 theatres
Festivals: Sundance, Toronto, Deauville, Chicago
Awards: Special Recognition (Posey), 1997 Sundance Film Festival
Nominations: Grand Jury Price, 1997 Sundance Film Festival; Grand Special Prize, 1997 Deauville Film Festival; Gold Hugo, 1997 Chicago International Film Festival; Golden Satellite Award (Posey), 1998 Satellite Awards


Jackie: You be him, I'll be her.

Jackie: Were you poor? Did you eat chicken pot pie?

Jackie: I watch soap operas. I bake brownies. Normalcy is coursing through my veins.

Mrs. Pascal: What's that gun doing there?
Jackie: It's not a gun. It's a camera.
Mrs. Pascal: It's a gun.
Jackie: It's a camera that looks like a gun.
Mrs. Pascal: What's it doing there?
Jackie: Being gunlike, gunesque, gunonic.
Mrs. Pascal: Where did it come from?
Jackie: God?

Jackie: Goo is what tape is all about. Goo is what makes it tape instead of paper.

Jackie: They've switched me - I used to be green, now I'm brown. I wanted pills to match my eyes. Color me beautiful!

Jackie: Pennsylvania's just this state that's in your way when you want to get somewhere else.

Marty: Are you being wise?
Jackie: One day I woke up wise.
Marty: One day I woke up stupid.
Jackie: What'd you do?
Marty: I went back to bed.
Jackie: That was wise.



Although there was never an official release of the score, composer Rolfe Kent previously had these tracks up on his website.

"A Guided Tour" [download link]

"Leslie/Marty 2" [download link]

"Medication" [download link]

"Mother/Party" [download link]

"My Face From When" [download link]

"Really Mad" [download link]

"Stop It Marty" [download link]